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[Fashion]Received A pair of SUNGLASSES from Foreign online shop!!! I can now play outside under sunshine!!!

This is my first English version of a product review. Please refer to the following link if you wanna see my review in Chinese

My English is not that good and I hope you won’t mind and I hope you will enjoy my sharing.

I have received a pair of sunglasses from a foreign brand a month ago. This is my first sunglasses I have ever in my life!! I am very excited about it!!! However the current weather in Hong Kong is not that stable so I haven’t got any chance to wear it. As today was a sunny day and I know it is the time for my SUNGLASSES!! Thus I have worn it today! I pointed at the sky and shouted ‘Hi, Mr. Sun!!!’

Oh yes! Let me introduce the brand of the foreign shop to you all.

sunglasses are from a brand new online shop called Spark-jewelry. The brand name of the sunglasses is O3, which is one of the product lines from the shop. Spark-jewelry mainly sellaccessories like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and for both men and women. Those products from the shop look stylish, fresh and young.

The special offers from the company impressed me a lot. The shop provides offers like free global delivery, unconditional life-long returns on all items, occasional free gifts, discounts and so on.

And here is my review on the product.

The sunglasses labeled ‘UV400 Protection’ which means the sunglasses can block any UV light if the wavelength from the sun is equal to or lower than 400nm. That means the sunglasses can protect both UVA, where its wavelength is about 315-400nm, and UVB, where its wavelength is about 280-315nm.

When I was taking the bus, I could really feel the sunshine. So I wore my sunglasses even I was still in the bus. The upper frame of the sunglasses is in silvery-white while the lower frame is in transparent. I can easily find the clothes matching my sunglasses! Also I find I look much younger when wearing them. (I can;t help admit I look cool when wearing sunglasses!!:)

Now let me talk about my photo. You may wonder why I had to take a photo here. This excellent scenery made me think like I was in suburbia. Therefore, I decided to take a photo here!!! Now with the sunglasses and the scenery, I find it is the right moment for me to take these photos!! I can’t tell how happy I feel right now!!!

When it comes to my appearance, actually I just wore a jacket, overalls, a bag, a pair of white sports shoes and sunglasses. I wore causally and I didn’t mind if this set of clothes fit me.

P.S.: Actually my family asked me why I had a pair of sunglasses as they knew I was not used to wearing any kind of sunglasses and I didn’t have any plans to purchase one. In fact, I received the sunglasses from Spark-jewelry. At first, I was surprised and even doubt when Spark-jewelry emailed me and told me it could offer me a pair of sunglasses. Because I am a Hong Kong blogger and I barely had contacts with foreign shops. My doubts resolved after I browsed its website and looked at the photos attached in the email. I feel great about the email. Spark-jewelry targets youngsters and sells a lot of fresh accessories. They can easily choose the clothes with their accessories now. How great it is!

The shop manager sent me the sunglasses after the email conversation and I received them within a month’s time. How fast it is!! The package of sunglasses should be credited too as they were covered by a bubble wrap. This can prevent the sunglass from being broken!

Actually I am satisfied with the service of Spark-jewelry. They reply customers’ question quickly and patiently. Besides, the product delivery is fast and it is worth shopping in this online store! If you have spare time, you may take a look at online shopping stores!

P.S. The product is provided from the brand

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Thanks a lot for reading my sharing!!!

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